How To Choose A High School For Your Child

10 March 2022
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High school is an essential aspect of your child's academic life. Typically, the high school system prepares your child for tertiary education. Additionally, it imparts them with crucial life skills that prove to be valuable assets in the future. This extract details the considerations parents should make when choosing a high school for their kids. 

Decide on Single-Sex or Co-Educational High schools 

Single-sex schools allow students to study in a relaxed environment. Typically, they do not have to worry about impressing the other gender or what the other gender thinks about them. This helps keep the students focused. On the other hand, co-educational schools provide a foundation for both genders to interact in a controlled environment. Children who attend co-educational schools quickly adapt to life after school since they can effortlessly communicate with the opposite gender. Co-educational schools also help to get rid of gender stereotypes. For instance, boys learn that girls can be better at the sciences and sports. 

Boarding or Day High Schools

Day high schools are suitable if you want to monitor your child's progress in school closely. Besides, the arrangement allows parents to take an active role in their child's upbringing. For example, they can identify negative behaviours such as drug abuse early. Conversely, boarding schools allow kids to learn without any distractions. As such, they are likely to perform better since they spend most of their time in class. Moreover, boarding schools suit families with busy schedules. For instance, if your work involves a lot of travelling, taking your child to a boarding school affords them the stability they need in their teenage years.  

School Academic Performance

The school's academic performance is a significant concern for any parent. Rather than assess the top student's score, you should evaluate the average school performance. It will give you a hint of what your child will score at the school. It would also be worthwhile to assess the experience of teachers at the high school. For instance, what are their career achievements? Do they undertake continuous professional development courses? What accreditations do the teachers have? It will help you determine the quality of education your child will receive. 

Extra-Curricular Activities 

Extra-curricular activities are essential for any teenager. It helps them socialise and freshen their minds. The best approach is to consider high schools that offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities. This way, your child has the freedom to decide how to spend time away from the classroom. In some cases, you might opt for high schools that excel in a specific activity. For example, if your child is a chees genius, you want a high school where they can hone their skills and engage in challenging competitions.  

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